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New Front Chain Rings (Crankset) Fixes Chain Slip

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Service Notes: 

Shimano M131 Crankset (170mm, 48/38/28). After installing a new cassette and a new chain, the chain was still slipping in about half the gears. A few days back I was crossing a busy intersection and injured myself because the chain slipped while crossing causing the pedal to flip around, my shoe to fly off and my foot to start bleeding. So I ordered the crankset.

The pedals were a real pain to remove. I had to use my foot and put my weight on the crescent wrench for enough leverage to break them loose. After that smooth sailing. Installed the chain rings then had to tighten the front shifter cable a bit. Took it for a test ride and that made all the difference. Solid shifting and no slip so far.