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Battery Saving Tips


1. Brightness!
Change your brightness settings. This, surprisingly, helps a lot. Turn off auto brightness and turn down the brightness before each ride.
2. Prepare!
For the best experience, make sure the phone is fully charged before each ride. Especially if it is a nice day and you plan on making it a long ride.
3. Carry a charger!
There are some neat solar chargers available and battery packs that charge the phone when there are no electrical outlets around. For super long rides remember to plug it in while you stop for lunch.
4. Turn off the lights!
While riding try putting the phone in standby mode, you know, click the top button that makes the screen black. Then bring the app back up once in a while. Your location and stats will be recorded while the app is in the background. This is helpful on really long rides.
5. Pause!
Pause the ride when you stop for long periods of time. Such as to refill your water, eat food, walk around for a bit... Remember to tap pause so the phone stops recording your location. This will save battery power, but remember to tap continue before you start riding again!
6. Try it!
Try different settings to see what helps most and don't worry, if the battery does run out you can still recover the ride up until it ran out and there are tools available on the website to help reconstruct any lost ride data.
7. Anything else?
If you think of anything else please let us know! Post here or send us an email through the contact form.