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Clean and Lube Chain and Add Cat Carrier

Sunday, June 29, 2014
Service Notes: 

First of all I gave the bike a good whipe down. It has been a while and I spilled coffee on it the other day. Lubed the chain. Installed the new cat carrier which would have went fine but I removed it a couple times to make adjustments and on the third round one of the nuts got stuck. It feels pretty solid so I will leave it as is. The basket sags down to the tire when I press hard on the front so I'm ordering a front rack that will hopefully give additional support. I ran out of room on my handlebars! I have a cup holder and my phone holder to add and nowhere to put them. The cat basket came with an extension but it is not solid at all and vibrates excessively. I considered using epoxy to help solidify the thing but I decided to wait and I'm glad that I waited because I found a better solution. Similar concept, a handlebar extender, but with a bolt and clamp that will probably be much more stable. I would use the one I have for a light or something like that but not for my iPhone mount / gps and coffee cup.

Another note, I had to rotate the gear shifter slash brake handles to make room for the new bag.