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New Feature: Track Distance Per Bicycle

July 5, 2013 - 1:10pm -- GBT
New Website Features:
  • Manage your bicycles
  • Track bicycle maintenance
  • Track how many miles you ride on each bike
Other new / unrelated features:
  • View max and average speed on the map page

A new feature is in the works. Now you will be able to track how many miles you put on each bicycle!

First create an entry for your bicycle(s). When you enter a bicycle you will have an option to sync all distance that you have already entered on the website.

Log in first to add your bicycle(s).

Now if you set a bicycle as primary the distance will be updated automatically whenever you send in QuickMiles or a new ride from the app. From the website you will be able to choose which bicycle was used while entering QuickMiles and add or edit which bike was used on recorded rides.

You can also create maintenance entries and track maintenance date and notes on each bicycle.

These features are still under development and the flow is being worked out. Let us know if you have any suggestion or feature requests in the forum!