About Go Bike Trip, Share Your Adventures

This website is inspired by my bike trip to Oregon, an adventure in July of 2008. After my bike trip to Oregon, I wanted a way to record my route and keep track of the adventure, a way to share it with others. As time went by I looked into different options and searched for a solution then decided to build a website that anyone can use. The website has turned into something with potential to grow and link cyclists and routes across the country and potentially other countries anywhere in the world. Thanks to the advanced tools available today and years of experience coding and building websites gobiketrip.com started to come together.

Now others can share their adventures and routes. Cyclists can find useful information, gain confidence reading about others experiences and create motivation to get out there and explore the road. Between here and there I found places that I had never been before and seen land that I didn't even know existed. A drive that I had done many times before in less than ten hours turned into a three week adventure and one of the greatest experiences of my life.