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If you love bicycle's and would seriously take the time to read this then you probably don't need to, but it is here so when someone says "haaaay why you delete my post" I can say "look here buddy, I am all about freedom and stuff, but you gotta follow some basic rules" and link to this.

Alright time for some ground rules, everyone's got 'em.

Pretty standard stuff. This is a forum for a website called Go Bike Trip. We're talking about bicycles here. If you post about anything else, especially if it is an advertisement or promotion or spam etc. etc. you run the risk of having your content deleted and possibly being banned from the forum. I already banned some folks for posting blogs about wedding dresses, come on! There is a time and place for that. If I owned a dress shop and hired their company for SEO and saw that they were posting here, I would fire them... immediately and ask for some refunds.

Even promotions for bicycle gear and other bicycle related advertisements will be frowned upon, this isn't the place for that, if we wanted you to advertise here we would probably ask you to pay for it. If you are sincere and post about some new gear you tried that is freakin' awesome we might let it slip by, but if it is some copy and paste spammage full of garbage links then it will most definitely be deleted before the crawlers get to it, so please don't waste your time or ours.

Please be respectful. No personal attacks for any reason, if someone provokes it please ignore them and let us know. There are cyclists of all ages and all skill levels. I hope they can all feel comfortable on this website.


This post may be changed and updated as needed at anytime without notification. Especially right before I send someone a link to it and tell them that their post was deleted.
Last updated: 3/18/2013