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Android App Updates

We need to view the images on the Android! Also, I noticed that the accuracy wasn't as good when adding a spot the other day. We need a way to adjust the location if needed (this would also be helpful for parking garages with low cell reception). A request came in for Satellite view. Another request came in for location searching... I don't mind zooming out and scrolling wherever, then zooming in, but this isn't the first request, so it might be worth adding.

Thanks everyone who has given feedback! And thank you everyone who has added some bicycle parking!!

Here are the current priorities for the Android Bicycle Parking App:

  1. Add spot detail view (pictures).
  2. Add satellite view.

Also consider some quick search option to zoom in on city / state / country, etc.

Submitted by Nathaniel on

Updated from Eclipse to Android Studio and removed some deprecated code. Working on the detail view now. Thanks for the suggestion! Maybe navigate to nearest pin and if the nearest pin is some absurd distance suggest adding some.