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Chainless Bicycle

The new chainless bicycle arrived today April, 1st. It was packed nicely and nothing was damaged. It took about one and a half hours to assemble. I took my time looking over everything carefully. I was first turned on to chainless bikes when I was in Half Moon Bay browsing through a book store I came across the Cyclepedia and flipped through it. There are some awesome bikes in there. Two grabbed my attention right away as I flipped through. The chainless bike and one that was modified for snow and ice. It had a studded rear tire and a skate where the front tire used to be. Cool stuff, the book now lives on my shelf. I started to research chainless bicycles after that and decided to give Dynamic Bicycles a try.

Once the bicycle was assembled there were two small issues. Both seem to be common issues. One: the front disc brake was rubbing slightly, a small adjustment with an allen wrench took care of that. The second issue was that the 4th or 5th gear was slipping while I circled around the driveway. This had me a bit worried, the last thing I wanted to do was ship the bike back for adjustments. After a quick look at their website I found a fix and they even had a video explaining the process. I simply had to adjust the cable tension and everything was smooth from then on. I went for a nice mile ride and am still making small adjustments to the handle bars and seat.

I think I will go for a ride now to get some dinner then loop around to see the bay and take this thing for a real test ride!