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Warm Showers

Sounds nice huh?

It is a resource for long distance bicycle touring. Find individuals like yourself willing to share their space for free while you tour around the world! It's quite amazing. The website has been around for a long time and I just recently heard about / signed up. I first saw it in a blog post by a friend: http://questforzest.org/fantastic-das-bike-night/

Learn more about warm showers here:

... and sign up!

Chainless Bicycle

The new chainless bicycle arrived today April, 1st. It was packed nicely and nothing was damaged. It took about one and a half hours to assemble. I took my time looking over everything carefully. I was first turned on to chainless bikes when I was in Half Moon Bay browsing through a book store I came across the Cyclepedia and flipped through it. There are some awesome bikes in there. Two grabbed my attention right away as I flipped through. The chainless bike and one that was modified for snow and ice. It had a studded rear tire and a skate where the front tire used to be.

The Bicycle Parking Project

New iPhone app available for download! Free, no ads. The app is a collection of bike racks and other bicycle parking spots from all around displayed on a map so they are easy to find. So far there are only 45 spots on the west coast (US), but I will be adding more as I go and anyone can snap a picture and add spots to the map.

Download on iTunes:

Morning Ride from Burlingame to Oracle

Nice morning ride from Max's in Burlingame to Oracle. Left from my networking meeting at 9am along the bay trail at a moderate pace with one or two short stops to admire the trail and read a sign about tree removal. Arrived by 10:10am about an hour ride.

Ended up at REI in San Carlos. Dropped the bike off for some maintenance, picked up a new watch, then walked to the train station. Beautiful day today. The weather is warming up fast! My arms are already red from the sun.

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