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The Bicycle Parking Project

New iPhone app available for download! Free, no ads. The app is a collection of bike racks and other bicycle parking spots from all around displayed on a map so they are easy to find. So far there are only 45 spots on the west coast (US), but I will be adding more as I go and anyone can snap a picture and add spots to the map.

Download on iTunes:

Website Updates - Weekly Miles

June 29, 2012 - 12:05am -- GBT


New website updates! Added decimal support for miles entered 20.5, 8.25 etc. Also added a few new calculations to track how many miles you ride throughout the week, month and year.

Currently the old and new mile trackers will run side by side until I can get some more testing in.


A lot of server updates and back end stuff. Everything is running a bit smoother now!


My Yuba Mundo M-Drive Electric Bike Conversion Kit

I have finally built my mid drive conversion kit for the Yuba Mundo V3.3 - V4. It is mounted in frame using my patented hub motor mount. The system is independent of the pedals, so when you throttle up, your pedals will not turn with the motor. You can coast with just the motor for as long as you like. The motor's gear is connected to a single cog freewheel mounted on a jackshaft then turns a fixed gear on the same shaft to drive the rear freewheel cogs. The front cranks are also connected to a single cog freewheel on the main jackshaft.

Morning Ride from Burlingame to Oracle

Nice morning ride from Max's in Burlingame to Oracle. Left from my networking meeting at 9am along the bay trail at a moderate pace with one or two short stops to admire the trail and read a sign about tree removal. Arrived by 10:10am about an hour ride.

Ended up at REI in San Carlos. Dropped the bike off for some maintenance, picked up a new watch, then walked to the train station. Beautiful day today. The weather is warming up fast! My arms are already red from the sun.

Yuba Mundo - The Heavy Duty Cargo Bike

I recently received the new Yuba Mundo V3.3. Yuba made some minor changes to their frame. They have taken out 2 extra seat stay supports. The frame modification opened up new avenues for electric pedal assist. Previous version of the Yuba Mundo limited you to front or rear hub conversion kits. Now, you can actually configure a mid-motor set-up. I prefer the mid-drive due to the fact it uses your bicycle's drivetrain and it is definitely more efficient that way. I believe that the gentleman behind Stoke Monkey has proven that already.

App Non Functional for a Day

March 15, 2011 - 8:31pm -- GBT

A new ssl certificate from geotrust rendered the app useless for 24 hours. I noticed this evening that it hasn't been working since last night around 9pm PST.

The android didn't like the new certificate. After some research I found the instructions and tools needed to get it working again! They are listed below.

The app is working great now and your information is secure!



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