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Dawes Galaxy Ultra 2014

Well, I have gone and done it. Just bought myself a brand new bike. Other than a few trips to work and back on my cheap £99.00 mountain bikes over my 30 year working life, the last time I rode regularly was over 30 years ago and that was to school and back and my paper round. I chose the Dawes Ultra as my research told me that an athlete I am not, so an aluminium or carbon fibre framed feather light bike was not for me and an Audax half-way house, doesn't know if it is a racing bike or a touring bike, also presented me with pause for thought.

Server Updates

May 21, 2014 - 10:37am -- GBT

Tuesday 5/20 afternoon and early Wednesday 5/21.

Server updates turned into server crash, then more updates. So sorry if you noticed, there was some downtime. If not, cool.

If you have any rides that didn't make it through from the iPhone app go to Manage > Rides > tap the ride that you want to review and there will be a send button on the ride detail page. Tap that and it will send your ride to be recorded on the website. Any "QuickMiles" that didn't make it through will have to be re-added.

Warm Showers

Sounds nice huh?

It is a resource for long distance bicycle touring. Find individuals like yourself willing to share their space for free while you tour around the world! It's quite amazing. The website has been around for a long time and I just recently heard about / signed up. I first saw it in a blog post by a friend: http://questforzest.org/fantastic-das-bike-night/

Learn more about warm showers here:

... and sign up!

Direction arrows

January 20, 2014 - 3:13am -- Six

Thanks for all the nice new features. I like them all.
A few requests: 1. Route Direction Indicators. On the purple line on the map. Just tiny little arrows lets say every kilometer or so.
2. A (S) for where we start the ride and then a (F) where we finish a ride? Also on the purple line on the map




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